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Faculty and Staff

Our greatest resource.

Bringing Town's mission to life.

The best teachers are passionate about their subject matter, their students, and their own professional growth. Our teachers are highly skilled educators, serving as mentors and facilitators rather than lecturers. They are champions, challengers, connectors, and excellent role models, pushing students to think creatively and deeply and develop leadership. We are committed to the growth of our teachers, with a uniquely strong emphasis on continuing professional development.

Overall teacher to student ratio at Town is 6:1, augmented by our three Division Heads, Head of School, administrators and staff that help ensure Town is a warm, welcoming, exciting place to learn and grow.


Faculty participation in school-year professional development.


Faculty participation in summer professional development.


Percentage of Faculty with advanced degrees.


Faculty members at Town.


Average number of years of experience in education.


Average number of years of experience at Town.


Dr. Douglas Brophy, Head of School

Philip Bien '95, Director of Institutional Advancement

Jason Bossart, Chief Operating Officer

Alison Flannery, Head of Nursery-Kindergarten Division

Grant Olds, Director of Technology

Stephen Petrillo, Director of Security and Facilities

Pierangelo Rossi, Director of Equity and Community Action

Chloë Scott-GiryDirector of Admissions and Enrollment

Carol Seeley, Head of Upper School

Janie Vance, Academic Dean

David Andrew Wood, Head of Lower School

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